Five Points, Raleigh

“Creating beautiful stone features with old school craftsmanship.”

On a high bluff in North Raleigh, a guy in a cowboy hat is stacking 300 lb. sandstone slabs in a serpentine pattern, creating a path that is nothing short of spectacular. Elegant and powerful, the new walkway will easily take the homeowners from a once dangerously steep incline to the lake below. The gorgeous lake view is the reason why the new owners bought the house – now they can see it up close and personal.

For over 10 years, Graham Fry has been moving rocks around the Triangle, creating hundreds of unique stone features like this one. His company, Winding Path, creates and designs custom indoor and outdoor projects using stone and natural materials. Stone walls, patios, water features, outdoor rooms and fireplaces…each project is designed to be beautiful, functional and seamless with the original architecture of the home and landscape.

Graham has extensive experience creating stone projects that complement different architectural styles – contemporary, craftsman, bungalow, traditional and European. His work has been featured in national magazines such as Country Living & Home Companion.

Winding Path is a company that thinks outside of the box. Having a good design is key before starting any project. Graham believes that the best way to get there is by really listening to his clients. Some homeowners know exactly what they want, but others need a little guidance. Understanding how the client really spends their time at home is key to helping them get the most out of their outdoor space.

Graham will tell you, “This is my dream job. Working with stone is extremely creative. It’s incredibly satisfying to know that I’m building something that will still be standing 100 years from now.”