ACLU of North Carolina


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Judges “routinely order low-income North Carolinians—a disproportionate number of them people of color—to pay fines and fees that they cannot afford.” Read more

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Their concerns focus on two words in a twelve-page document: “sound mind.” Read more

Durham County


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“Is it ever justified to point a rifle at a child? I guess that’s the ultimate question.” Read more

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A new Sex Designation Form replaces a former requirement for a surgeon’s letter. Read more

North Carolina


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“It’s expensive, but so are human lives. What price do you place on a Bull City resident’s life?” Read more

Durham County


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In North Carolina, as long as you’re not serving a felony sentence, you’re eligible. Read more

North Carolina

It could clog North Carolina courts, cost taxpayers big, and—most important—deny defendants their right to a fair, speedy trial. Read more

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