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Durham County

The former Army Reserve Center on Carroll Street will be demolished and replaced with up to sixty-five units for people who have experienced homelessness. Read more

Durham County


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After residents voiced concerns about traffic and preserving the character of their single-family neighborhoods, the Durham Planning Commission delayed a vote on the Expanded Housing Choices initiative. Read more

Durham County

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Alex Boerner

And other things our readers told us this week Read more

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Jenny Warburg

Durham Mayor Steve Schewel wants $95 million to keep downtown from turning into an expensive enclave for rich white people, he announced last week. Read more

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Also on this week’s INDYcast: What you need to know about Durham Mayor Steve Schewel’s State of the City address and a hot new track from FFFOOLERY. Read more

Wake County

"It's cumbersome and really defeats our primary goal of providing housing," Mayor Nancy McFarlane said. Read more

Wake County

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Durham Housing Authority

In addition to rebuilding 477 public housing units, the agency plans to build more than two thousand affordable and market-rate units. Read more

Durham County

It won’t lead to many accessory dwelling units actually being built. Read more

Wake County

“Government-supported housing alone will not solve our problem.” Read more

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Durham Housing Authority

The Durham Housing Authority has money to pay landlords through February. If the shutdown continues, what happens beyond then is uncertain. Read more

Durham County

It often left us exhausted, sometimes exhilarated, and absolutely ready to hit the reset button Read more

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It’s a problem everywhere, and this area isn’t immune Read more



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Trump or Not Trump: Choose wisely. Read more


It’s not enough, but it’s something. Read more