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"We Had a Good Thing Going" features Smarts' usual acrobatic wordplay but deepens it with personal dreams and anxieties. Read more


The revitalized Apex-based metal band re-recorded tracks from its debut for its new EP, "Thrashing the Vault." Read more


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Last month, the Raleigh rap artist premiered his new LP, "I Thought I Knew," at a detail-oriented launch party at CAM Raleigh. Read more



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Prior INDY favorite "Hell House" had roots in crepuscular folk-rock, but "Lavender Scare" goes full-on synth-pop, though it retains a quicksilver live feel, thanks to the use of MIDI controllers. Read more


Neither Stamey's New Wave-era work with Sneakers and The dB's nor his subsequent solo career contain much that might lead his longtime fans to expect this stylistic detour. Read more


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The record draws on influences like The Meters, Tower of Power, and Funkadelic―artists that Jamil Rashad grew up hearing his DJ father play. Read more


Local indie-rock legend John Harrison releases a book-and-album project of his gentle psychedelia with a local pine as his muse. Read more



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“Pastoral” is easily one of the most over-slapped descriptors in all of music, but for Reid Johnson’s charred folk, the term feels accurate and useful. Read more



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The band's debut was produced by Mipso’s Wood Robinson at Nightsound Studios in Carrboro. Read more



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The Chapel Hill trio's heavy rock is also carefully constructed, eerie, and ethereal. Read more


The pianist, who used to run a beloved jazz night at The Shed, does impressive work with classic tunes and originals on his new album. Read more

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