Ancillary Fermentation

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Courtesy of Music Maker Relief Foundation

The Hops & Blues Festival pairs New England IPAs with live blues music this Saturday. Read more



Jade Wilson

Catch Ancillary* Fermentation at a pop-up, but don’t be surprised if people get naked. Read more



Photo by Alex Boerner

Proof that God loves the Triangle and wants us to be happy. Read more

Food and Drink Almanac

  • ancillary-fermentation-jenny-besetzt.jpg

    Adam Chapin Photography

    Local bands Jenny Besetzt (pictured), Dim Delights, and Black Surfer performed.

  • ancillary-fermentation-persian-rugs.jpg

    Adam Chapin Photography

    Charlie Keeling, a vendor, had vintage rugs for sale near the entrance of the building.

  • ancillary-triangle-most-interesting-brewery-most-elusive.jpg

    Jade Wilson

    Andy Schnitzer and Whit Baker outside of the forthcoming Standard Beer and Foods.

  • ancillary-triangle-most-interesting-brewery-most-elusive2.jpg

    Adam Chapin Photography

    Ancillary* Fermentation’s June 30 “House Party.”

  • ancillary-fermentation-house-party-hillsborough-street.jpg

    Adam Chapin Photography

    Over 250 partygoers gathered at an old Victorian-era townhouse for *Ancillary's DIY release party.

  • ancillary-fermentation-logo-house-party.jpg

    Adam Chapin Photography

    An art installation scrambled the *Ancillary logo on old television screens.