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Photo courtesy of the Nasher Museum of Art

From NCMA's highly anticipated Frida Kahlo exhibit to the Ackland's "She Who Tells a Story," we're ready to make some museum trips this fall. Read more


Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Jay Leno, Ariana Grande, and dozens of other big personalities and can't-miss performers are coming in hot this fall. Read more



Photos by Jade Wilson

A remembrance of the Durham master architect, Phil Freelon, who led the design team for the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C. Read more



Michael Galinsky

“The Decline of Mall Civilization” brings to life vivid images of short shorts, big hair, and bigger suburban commerce. Read more



Photo courtesy of Horse & Buggy Gallery

On the walls of the Durham letterpress studio and gallery, forty-eight portraits of departed greats stare back with longing and restless energy. Read more



photo courtesy of Pleiades Arts

The bad news of the impending closure of another Durham gallery is leavened by the good news that another, very similar gallery will replace it. Read more


Get ready to say goodbye to a Durham art-scene institution that, from its early days on Parrish Street to its last ones beside Golden Belt, showed us what "community" really means. Read more

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Photo courtesy of the Ackland Museum of Art

The Ackland's new exhibit consists of more than twenty paintings newly acquired from the collection of Hugh A. McAllister Jr. and almost sixty from the Ackland’s collection. Read more

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Photo by Erin Bell/Bull City Photography

We laid out some pretty bold premises when The Commons Crit, a collaboration with Carolina Performing Arts' Commons festival, began. Here's how they look from the other side. Read more

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Scott Avett, Fatherhood, 2013, oil on canvas, Photograph Lydia Bittner-Baird.jpg

Photo by Lydia Bittner-Baird

The North Carolina Museum of Art announces the debut solo exhibition of paintings and prints by a founding member of our state’s famed Americana ambassadors. Read more



Pphotos courtesy of the North Carolina Museum of Art

Looking between the sculpture and the drawings, one can imagine Botha asking himself: “If I remove this line, or change its relationship to that line, is it still the Laocoön?” Read more


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photo by Jerry Klineberg/courtesy of Carolina Performing Arts

In "Past Tense" at Carolina Performing Arts, Weems drew together her prior works, the story of Antigone, and a drive toward social justice in an unclassifiable performance. Read more



Photo courtesy of the artists

In the year 2028, a pair of artistic collaborators use their white-male privilege to build a rocket ship and escape the misogynistic dystopia of Earth. Read more



Raúl Martínez

If Pop in North America was a willing embrace of the merger between art and the market, Pop in Latin America would have a much more chilling meaning. Read more



Photos courtesy of the Nasher

A trained hypnotist, Mangum seemed to have a hypnotic gift for making his subjects feel both candid and seen. His archive has just as hypnotic a grip on the present. Read more



Photo courtesy of Reuben Javis Mabry

UNC's art MFA and Duke’s MFA|EDA launch their thesis exhibits this week. Interestingly, none of them are in Chapel Hill. Read more



photo courtesy of Lump

General Labor, Brett's exhibit at Lump, is literal garbage. But we don't mean that in a bad way. Read more



Photo courtesy of the Ackland

Eighty drawings by the Spanish neuroscientist are on display at the Ackland, offering a unique vantage into the intersection art and science. Read more



Photo by Brian Chankin

In remote villages, underground screenings were promoted with posters painted on flour sacks by artists who sometimes had only the VHS box art for reference. Read more



Photo courtesy of SPARKcon

VAE's community meeting on March 18 will solicit feedback on the open-source arts festival's location, schedule, and activities. Read more


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