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Dont Get Any Ideas Little Lady 2_photo by Zoe Litaker.jpeg

photo by Zoe Litaker

We can't even tell you about the most powerful, divisive part of "Don't Get Any Ideas, Little Lady," a piece seemingly designed to be indigestible by audiences and star ratings. Read more


From Party Illegal to Ruby Deluxe, this is how some of our favorite parties and spaces are cultivating an inclusive consent culture. Read more


Welcome to the INDY's inaugural Triangle Music Issue, which begins with this crazy thing we made. Read more

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Photo by Shervin Lainez

William Brittelle had to come home to create "Spiritual America," his astonishing album about faith lost and found, and he couldn't have done it without Wye Oak. Read more



photo courtesy of Pleiades Arts

The bad news of the impending closure of another Durham gallery is leavened by the good news that another, very similar gallery will replace it. Read more


They Are All_photo by Emily Miller.jpg

photo by Emily Miller

Trained dancers and first-time performers with Parkinson's disease created an unforgettable experience in the ADF premiere of the new work by Culture Mill's co-founders. Read more



Photo by Zoe Litaker

There are usually ways in which a modern dance work is trying to fool you. In "Don't Get Any Ideas, Little Lady," Allie Pfeffer and Alyssa Noble are out for something realer and rawer. Read more


Get ready to say goodbye to a Durham art-scene institution that, from its early days on Parrish Street to its last ones beside Golden Belt, showed us what "community" really means. Read more

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Photo courtesy of Unscripted Durham

He’s probably the only Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee who is also, no joke, an ostrich farmer in rural North Carolina. Read more



Photo by Sarah Marguier

The co-directors of Culture Mill are about to premiere "They Are All," a collaboration between professional dancers, researchers, scientists, and people with Parkinson's disease. Read more


Meredith Monk Ensemble_photo by Julieta Cervantes.jpg

Photo by Julieta Cervantes

Mavis Staples! Yo La Tengo! Emmylou Harris! Meredith Monk! Lang Lang! We could go on! Read more



Photo by Erin Bell/Bull City Photography

We laid out some pretty bold premises when The Commons Crit, a collaboration with Carolina Performing Arts' Commons festival, began. Here's how they look from the other side. Read more

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Photo courtesy of the artist

According to Register, "Lez Dance" stems from finding new vocal confidence—and a new perspective on playing music—on a pivotal tour with queer band Nana Grizol. Read more



Photo by Kim Gray

Because life is such a first-person experience, I’d have guessed that when the long-running series ended, my strongest memories of it would be performing in it. But I was wrong. Read more


Trandle_photo by Shay Stifelman.jpg

Photo by Shay Stifelman

Something’s smoldering in the world of Randy Maples, who’s among the most promising beat-wizards of local collective Raund Haus. Read more


By joining the INDY Press Club, you’ll help us help our community’s artists flourish. Read more

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James Blake! Jenny Lewis! Little Brother! AHHHHHHH! Read more


The Commons Crit is a collaboration between the INDY and Carolina Performing Arts’ new residency program and performance festival, The Commons. Read more


jphono1_photo by heather wasser.jpg

Photo by Heather Wasser

We've got the premiere of this charming tune from "Loblolly Boogie," the forthcoming album by longtime local-music mainstay John Harrison. Read more