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Bio: Brian Howe is the Managing Arts & Culture Editor at INDY Week.



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photo by Nils Schlebusch

With Pulitzer-winning composer David Lang, fearless cellist Maya Beiser, expert dancer Wendy Whelan, and postmodern pioneer Lucinda Childs on deck, what could possibly go wrong? Read more


If the words “chillwave survivor” mean nothing to you, congratulations: You are neither a music critic nor a hardcore internet dweller. Read more



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The new song from the solo project of Wye Oak's Andy Stack was previously available only through Merge's vinyl subscription series, but now you can stream or buy it and support Native environmental organization Honor the Earth. Read more


Perhaps it’s because there’s nothing new under the sun that everything old sends us over the moon. Read more



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Though I raptly watched Chan Marshall perform for an hour and a half, I don’t think I ever saw her face. Read more



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Founder Laura Ritchie, director Saba Taj, and others discuss the ups, the downs, and the legacy of the lifeblood of the Durham art scene, whose energies will long outlast the space. Read more


Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Jay Leno, Ariana Grande, and dozens of other big personalities and can't-miss performers are coming in hot this fall. Read more



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A James Blake show isn’t just something I look forward to; it’s a calendar-dominating event. I get very excited. It’s kind of embarrassing. I’m embarrassed. Read more

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The festival announced today that its Thursday-night headliners will move indoors because of concerns about the weather. Read more



Photo by Erin Bell

In taking her Ibsen adaptation from stage to earbuds, the longtime Durham theater-maker had to rethink what to put in and what to leave out. Read more


"Three days after my fortieth birthday, I became a Tamagotchi parent." Read more

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Prior INDY favorite "Hell House" had roots in crepuscular folk-rock, but "Lavender Scare" goes full-on synth-pop, though it retains a quicksilver live feel, thanks to the use of MIDI controllers. Read more



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PlayPlay’s breakbeat-happy live vibe, which you might call progressively classic, is in full effect on their second EP. Read more


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The prodigious local songwriter and musician is releasing their zillionth album next Friday, but we've got it streaming in its entirety right now. Read more


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We’ve got the premiere of a fun-loving house cut from the forthcoming “Invocation” EP by a DJ and producer who still considers Durham their second home. Read more


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photo by Zoe Litaker

We can't even tell you about the most powerful, divisive part of "Don't Get Any Ideas, Little Lady," a piece seemingly designed to be indigestible by audiences and star ratings. Read more


Welcome to the INDY's inaugural Triangle Music Issue, which begins with this crazy thing we made. Read more

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From Party Illegal to Ruby Deluxe, this is how some of our favorite parties and spaces are cultivating an inclusive consent culture. Read more



Photo by Shervin Lainez

William Brittelle had to come home to create "Spiritual America," his astonishing album about faith lost and found, and he couldn't have done it without Wye Oak. Read more



photo courtesy of Pleiades Arts

The bad news of the impending closure of another Durham gallery is leavened by the good news that another, very similar gallery will replace it. Read more