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photo by Nils Schlebusch

With Pulitzer-winning composer David Lang, fearless cellist Maya Beiser, expert dancer Wendy Whelan, and postmodern pioneer Lucinda Childs on deck, what could possibly go wrong? Read more



Photo courtesy of Duke Performances

In addition to twenty concerts you can't see, there are five you might have seen before. Read more


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Photo by Anne Van Aershchot

From a refugee drama staged in a shipping container to a deconstructed "Swan Lake," these are the dance and theater works we can't wait to see. Read more


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Photo courtesy of the orchestra

As the area's university and professional presenters bring the world to the Triangle, the Raleigh Civic Symphony and Chamber Orchestra is home-growing innovative programming. Read more


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Photo by Julieta Cervantes

Mavis Staples! Yo La Tengo! Emmylou Harris! Meredith Monk! Lang Lang! We could go on! Read more



Photo by Erin Bell/Bull City Photography

We laid out some pretty bold premises when The Commons Crit, a collaboration with Carolina Performing Arts' Commons festival, began. Here's how they look from the other side. Read more

, Stage

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Photo by Jade Wilson

"Nu Mas(k)ulinities," by Eb. Brown, Daniel Coleman, and Joie Lou Shakur, made a better world seem less like a faraway hope than like something unfolding before our eyes. Read more


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Photo by Erin Bell of Bull City Photography

Structured by prompts from historical "happenings," the entire content of Justin Tornow's Commons showing was improvised by attendees, wreaking havoc on concepts like "performer," "performance," and "audience." Read more



Photo by Erin Bell

Two ways of looking at Yankee's climactic performance about border issues and Mestizx identity in The Commons festival at Carolina Performing Arts. Read more


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Photo by Joie Lou Shakur

I sat next to Eb. Brown and audio recorded questions to be used during Saturday’s final production: “What do you notice about the way you carry your power?” I didn’t have an answer then, but I had more of my own questions. Read more


Photo courtesy of the artist

At times a hyphenated American, now proudly mestizx, Yankee is probing being an “other” in a society that ignores indigenous origins. Read more


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Photo by Myra Weise

What if a "performance" could be less like passively receiving a predetermined takeaway and more like life, where anything can happen? Read more



Photo by Don Holmes

A writer confronts uninvestigated emotions, confusions, regrets, and joys in the hush of "Nu Mas(k)ulinities," by Eb. Brown, Joie Lou Shakur, and Daniel B. Coleman. Read more


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Photo by Victoria Bouloubasis

The performance is still taking shape, but Yankee is certain there will be an interactive element that will push against subconscious voyeurism. Read more


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Photo by Chris Vitiello

How can the concept of "audience engagement" expand beyond grant-application bait? Read more


The Commons Crit is a collaboration between the INDY and Carolina Performing Arts’ new residency program and performance festival, The Commons. Read more


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photo by Jerry Klineberg/courtesy of Carolina Performing Arts

In "Past Tense" at Carolina Performing Arts, Weems drew together her prior works, the story of Antigone, and a drive toward social justice in an unclassifiable performance. Read more



Photo by Shervin Lainez

Lucid and otherworldly, A Million and One is like a hazy glimpse into a parallel universe where Laurie Anderson is Robyn’s producer. Read more



Photo by Michael Slobodian

Canadian choreographer Crystal Pite, a recent ADF sensation, deconstructs Nikolai Gogol's The Government Inspector in Revisor. Read more



photo by Nicolas Ruel

The latest Carolina Performing Arts co-commission from the challenging Canadian choreographer came to UNC on Friday, Feb. 1. Read more