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"Creative Commons Gospers Mountain bushfire in December 2019" by Meganesia is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Australia is burning. Here’s one small way to help. Read more


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photo courtesy of Merge Records

After announcing some tour dates, the archetypal Chapel Hill indie-rock band reveals that it's been recording over the holidays, too. Read more


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Reinhardt: William P. Gottlieb / Haskins: courtesy of the artist

PSA: Django Reinhardt and Django Haskins both feature in local nightclub bills next week, but they are not the same thing. We’ll help you find the Django you’re looking for. Read more



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“Because so many of us can’t help blabbing about how wonderful it is to live in Chapel Hill, our population will continue to grow.” Read more

North Carolina


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And how to spend 18 hours in the (so-called) Paris of the Piedmont. Read more


And don't forget to keep track of who's playing where on our INDY calendar. Read more


Calapse - Reed Benjamin

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You’ve got copious options, but they’re basically all deejays or tribute acts. Let’s sort the candy pile. Read more

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Rowdy contributes more than advocacy: He lives up to his name with an explosive stage presence and bars in abundance, which he delivers on his new EP. Read more



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The title of the ruminative Americana artist's new album, “Like the River Loves the Sea,” comes from a song by the North Carolina activist and singer Si Kahn. Read more


Perhaps it’s because there’s nothing new under the sun that everything old sends us over the moon. Read more



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Though I raptly watched Chan Marshall perform for an hour and a half, I don’t think I ever saw her face. Read more



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Like Don Henley, Phil Collins, and Levon Helm before him, Ehrlich has to engage the crowd while keeping time, as he'll do with Whitney at Cat's Cradle this week. Read more



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The demands include that "only people employed by the Cat's Cradle may do anything work-related in relation to directing other employees" and that "bartenders in the main room obtain control of their tips." Read more



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“The overall theme is truth-seeking. It’s about asking questions and seeking answers. But it’s still about women’s liberation and giving women the chance to be heard.” Read more


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Photo by Shawn Brackbill

This week the pop-punk band, who just released their first album in eight years, take to the stage at Cat's Cradle. Read more



Bob Karp

Our readers picks for the best places to get out and have a good time in the Triangle. Read more

Best of the Triangle


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Exclusively at the INDY, watch the in-studio video of the band's new tune before it appears on their new album in April. Read more



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From national touring acts to local up-and-comers, pop to rock to punk to bluegrass, you’ll find a venue to match your musical tastes. Read more