Charles Morse

Rowdy contributes more than advocacy: He lives up to his name with an explosive stage presence and bars in abundance, which he delivers on his new EP. Read more


Malcom Brown’s positivity is infectious but not saccharine, and he raps on a level playing field with his audience rather than from a preachy position of authority. Read more


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photo by Jade Wilson

Where Friday night (with Ari Lennox and Jill Scott) was full of attendees trying to catch the feels, Saturday night was packed full of people ready to party and catch a buzz to bring back hip-hop’s first golden age. Read more



photo by Jade Wilson

Art of Cool brings a special vibe to Durham that no other local festival does. It’s just North Carolina folks coming together to enjoy some soulful Black music—and this year’s first night carried on that tradition very well. Read more



Photo courtesy of the artists

You don’t need us to tell you about Run-DMC, Whodini, Jill Scott, 9th Wonder, and Marcus Anderson—but here’s a few great Art of Cool sets that might fly under your radar. Read more


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Photo by Jade Wilson

Relive the dream with our recap, analysis, and photos of Raleigh hip-hop star J. Cole's groundbreaking debut festival in Dix Park. Read more

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photo by Erin Breeze

Raleighwood drops on Baddie Recordings on Friday, Feb. 22. Read more


The ten-track ride feels like it’s speeding 80 mph on a winding dirt road. Read more



Photo by Charles Morse