Charlie Reece

Reece is seeking re-election to an at-large seat. Read more



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Four residents—a city council member, a professor, and two writers—imagine how this plays out. Read more

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“The incumbents’ victory is celebrated as an affirmation from Durham’s most marginalized population. The numbers fail to validate this position. People aren’t happy with our incumbents.” Read more

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Jade Wilson

Gunn placed fourth in voting last week, falling 395 votes behind Javiera Caballero. Read more

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Cameron Beach - The 9th Street Journal

Reece asks voters to look at what's been accomplished and new plans for Durham in the works. Read more

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Cameron Beach - The 9th Street Journal

"They don’t listen to the community. There are literally bodies lying in our streets.” Read more

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A string of shootings left two dead and eight wounded in twenty-four hours. Read more

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“This anti-immigration rhetoric is sad for Durham, and quite frankly, painful for me." Read more

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And other things our readers told us this week Read more

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The email came in response to a heated confrontation at the People’s Alliance’s August 21 endorsement meeting. Read more

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Raleigh deserves better. Read more

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We support the three incumbents for the at-large seats. Read more

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Reece is seeking re-election to an at-large seat. Read more


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According to a report released days after nine-year-old Z’yon Person was killed, 662 people were shot in the Bull City between 2016 and 2018. Read more

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“I don’t think the police department needs any additional officers to meet our goals. They already have them.” Read more

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After a year-and-a-half as mayor, Schewel wants to steer a gentrifying Durham toward a progressive future. Read more

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“Seeing a cop rolling up and down the street isn’t nice for everyone.” Read more

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Steve Oliva and Christopher Williams

“I’m convinced they did not try to kill this light rail project because of all the things they mentioned. They did not want this project for some reason.” Read more

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“I think we need to determine whether these incidents are the result of a few bad actors or if there’s a culture within the company that encourages or enables harmful behavior.” Read more

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    Javiera Caballero, Jillian Johnson, and Charlie Reece are running as a slate.

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