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We’ll keep growing—and two-thirds of our growth will take place in the Raleigh and Charlotte metros alone. Read more

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Charlotte protest in 2012

Voice of America

Durham police helped Charlotte with security for the 2012 Democratic National Convention but may not help the city next summer. Read more

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According to a Twitter thread by Stevie Knipe, the independent label paid royalties late and under duress, and then refused to return their master recordings after breaching their contract, implying it would hurt smaller bands on the label. Read more


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The Swiss teenager rose to international fame for her unapologetic, bold activism. Read more

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We’ve got the premiere of a stone-faced but blissed-out track from Double Image, coming soon from Durham's Raund Haus label. Read more



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Baker has worked for the city for more than two decades, including as city manager. Read more

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  • Charlotte protest in 2012

    Voice of America

    Charlotte protest in 2012

    Protesters blocked an intersection in Charlotte during the 2012 Democratic National Convention