Chris Vitiello

Bio: Chris Vitiello lives in Durham and writes for INDY Week on art, music and hockey.


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Photo by Myra Weise

What if a "performance" could be less like passively receiving a predetermined takeaway and more like life, where anything can happen? Read more


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Photo by Chris Vitiello

How can the concept of "audience engagement" expand beyond grant-application bait? Read more



Pphotos courtesy of the North Carolina Museum of Art

Looking between the sculpture and the drawings, one can imagine Botha asking himself: “If I remove this line, or change its relationship to that line, is it still the Laocoön?” Read more



Photo by Tim Walter

Plus, an explainer on what DIDA's been doing instead of presenting shows this fall. Read more



Photo by Jeremy M. Lange

From overstated sculpture to understated water art, these five exhibits stood out as particularly challenging, dazzling, or both. Read more

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Photo courtesy of Brit Worgan

Plus, our editor’s picks for five art exhibits and five art festivals you can’t miss this fall. Read more


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Photo by Erin Bell of Bull City Photography

Structured by prompts from historical "happenings," the entire content of Justin Tornow's Commons showing was improvised by attendees, wreaking havoc on concepts like "performer," "performance," and "audience." Read more