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The $10 million center hopes to service at least six thousand people by providing access to care that can help lift them out of homelessness. Read more

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Bob Karp

“This will bring us more to parity with beer and wine.” Read more



Cliff Jenkins

“We are against racism, we are against Islamophobia, we are against anti-Semitism, and we are against occupation abroad.” Read more

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By Cliff Jenkins

We’re supposed to call these things Citrix Cycles. Yeah. Read more

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Visit Raleigh

“Several Raleigh City Council members, including myself, were never consulted.” Read more

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“The Negro Motorist Green Book,” published from the 1930s to the 1960s, offered African Americans a directory of places where it was safe to go in often hostile cities. Read more

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“It’s not civilized for this state and for political leaders to deny the beneficent provisions for the poor and the children.” Read more

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The county views this disparity is a call to action. Read more

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