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If you've watched cartoons at all in the last fifty years, you've likely seen Campbell's work, which he's bringing to Studio 71 in Hillsborough for three days this weekend. Read more



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The independent movie theater is closing after nineteen years due to dwindling attendance, owners say. Read more


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This week the pop-punk band, who just released their first album in eight years, take to the stage at Cat's Cradle. Read more



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The developers say their proposal goes well beyond a soccer stadium. But they don’t have long to get local officials on board. Read more

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I’ve been called everything from a purveyor of fake news to a “commie” since joining the INDY staff, but the most personally offensive thing I’ve heard on the job is that our own arts editor doesn't like The Beatles. Read more


Raleigh Pride will feature a month-long series of events benefiting the LGBT Center. Read more

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Long has served nearly 43 years in North Carolina prisons for a rape he says he didn’t commit, following a 1976 trial he calls a racist sham. Read more

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“The Negro Motorist Green Book,” published from the 1930s to the 1960s, offered African Americans a directory of places where it was safe to go in often hostile cities. Read more

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Megan Neely stepped down as a graduate director Saturday after an email was circulated on Twitter, but she remains a professor at the School of Medicine. Read more

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“It’s a damn good day to be a Tar Heel.” Read more

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The school says Nathan Elder has not worked there this year, and there have been no accusations of sexual misconduct at MSR. Read more

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Seriously, don’t be an idiot. Read more

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In April, she smeared blood and red paint on Silent Sam and got arrested. Earlier this month, she announced a TA strike during a protest and faced charges again. The antiracism community, she says, is only getting stronger. Read more

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Last night, after Chancellor Carol Folt recommended storing the toppled Silent Sam in a new $5.3 million facility, hundreds of protesters gathered in Chapel Hill. Read more

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Fill out your local music collection with some quality cuts from the Durham collective. Read more


Jesse Helms’s former lawyer, who likely lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee about his involvement in voter suppression, could be approved during the lame-duck session. Read more




The skinny on mass transit and other wants to get around Read more


It’s about more than college hoops. Honest. Read more