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The new Durham DA says about half the staff has turned over, but her team is now well-organized and focused on prosecuting violent crimes. Read more

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“I think a lot of people during the campaign said, ‘She can’t do what she’s promising to do.’ But I think they see now that the old way was a failure of imagination.” Read more

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It took a decade to do something as simple as Raise the Age. Mention sentencing reform for violent offenders and watch politicians run for the hills. Read more



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Judges “routinely order low-income North Carolinians—a disproportionate number of them people of color—to pay fines and fees that they cannot afford.” Read more

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The new Durham Expunction and Restoration program has already dismissed more than 70,000 traffic and criminal cases, but expanding it will require resources—and political will. Read more

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“How are we going to make the city we love a city for all?” Read more

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King is known for using his social media presence to highlight injustice. Read more

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Everyone on the docket had had their license suspended at least two years over unpaid traffic fines. Read more

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Mitigating suicide risks at the county jail and reviewing the school resource officer program are among the priorities Sheriff Clarence Birkhead has outlined. Read more

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The series, Always Human: Re-Visioning Justice, “attempts to recognize the varied history and purpose of prisons in the United States and in Christian traditions.” Read more

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Dave Hall, Clayton Jones, and Josephine Kerr Davis were elected to the bench in Durham amid a push for criminal justice reform. Read more

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All of the judicial candidates present as well as Durham's incoming DA responded “yes” to each of Durham CAN’s priorities. Read more

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