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In “We Are All Criminals,” one of her incarceration-related photo series on view at Arcana, Baxter focuses not on who's been convicted, but who hasn’t. Read more


Her remarks focused on preparing children for a successful life, building affordable housing, and counteracting historic racial inequities. Read more

Durham County

Later this year, North Carolina will raise its maximum age of juvenile jurisdiction to eighteen. But there’s a minimum age, too. Read more

North Carolina


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Long has served nearly 43 years in North Carolina prisons for a rape he says he didn’t commit, following a 1976 trial he calls a racist sham. Read more

North Carolina

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“We clearly did not get what we wanted from this policy. We want an end to the use of money as a ransom that holds our people in cages." Read more

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King is known for using his social media presence to highlight injustice. Read more

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Mitigating suicide risks at the county jail and reviewing the school resource officer program are among the priorities Sheriff Clarence Birkhead has outlined. Read more

Durham County

The more severe the crime, the more confident the study participants were in the strength of a case. Read more

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All of the judicial candidates present as well as Durham's incoming DA responded “yes” to each of Durham CAN’s priorities. Read more

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