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Four residents—a city council member, a professor, and two writers—imagine how this plays out. Read more

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Eric Bruniche

And how to spend 17 hours in downtown Durham. Read more


Where to eat. Where to drink. Where to shop. Where to play. If it’s worth doing, it’s here. Read more


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Cameron Beach - The 9th Street Journal

Taking down an unused railroad bridge opens up new possibilities for a well-used route from west Durham into a fast-growing downtown. Read more

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“It's important that women in business understand how vital their personal support system is to their success, and have the resources available to live an optimal life.” Read more


The question of whose life is valuable is crucial again in the midst of Durham’s current population boom. Read more



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The new, semi-weekly, and much-needed jazz night kicks off with the 99 Brass Band. Read more



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Kingfisher, from husband-and-wife team Sean Umstead and Michelle Vanderwalker, finally opens July 31. Read more



Lena Geller

The chef behind acclaimed M Sushi, M Kokko, and M Tempura will open a new restaurant, M Pocha, in downtown Durham on July 2. Read more



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Because life is such a first-person experience, I’d have guessed that when the long-running series ended, my strongest memories of it would be performing in it. But I was wrong. Read more



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There are already at least five cocktail joints within a one-block radius of the Durham Hotel, not counting that establishment’s own restaurant and rooftop. Read more

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And other things our readers told us this week Read more

Letters to the Editor

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Photo by Sarah Willets

The seafood restaurant was condemned after an April 10 explosion nearby at Kaffeinate coffee shop. Read more

Durham County

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Bob Karp

“It will get people reenergized about their community to feel like they are not being rejected or disregarded by the city. That has been a prevailing attitude because, well, we have been.” Read more

Durham County

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Steve Oliva

In just over a year, UMD families went from staying an average of 33 days to 116; singles have increased their length of stay from 24 to 77 days. Read more

Durham County

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Sarah Willets

A 911 call reported the smell of gas on Duke Street an hour before the explosion, but responding firefighters found no evidence of it and cleared the call. Read more

Durham County

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Sarah Willets

There were as many as ten people in the Kaffeinate coffee shop prior to the explosion. All but one—the owner, Kong Lee, who perished—were evacuated. Read more

Durham County

durham explosion

Durham Emergency Management

On April 10, a massive explosion killed one and injured twenty-five others in downtown Durham. Here’s what we saw—and how to help. Read more

Durham County

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    Robert K. Oliver

    Michelle Vanderwalker and Sean Umstead

  • kingfisher-craft-cocktail-bar-opens-in-downtown-durham.jpg

    Courtesy of Kingfisher

    The "When Are You Opening?!" cocktail with shiso leaf, Jeddah's dallo tea, vermouth, and soda.

  • Scenes From the Durham Explosion

    Kim Mantruck via Twitter

    Scenes From the Durham Explosion

    An explosion triggered by a gas leak at a coffee shop near downtown Durham the morning of April 10 killed one person and injured several others.