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Jade Wilson

“We need the city to care about the fact that we exist.” Read more

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John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Jenny Tung, a 37-year-old professor of evolutionary anthropology and biology, has been awarded the MacArthur fellowship, which comes with a $625,000 prize. Read more

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Gif: @greedyshitbird Image: Annie Maynard

“They did it first” is not a quality argument. Read more



Jade Wilson

In August, Sara Leone filed a grievance alleging that she was “subjected to a nonstop, hostile barrage of unethical work practices and verbiage.” Read more

Durham County

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And other things our readers told us this week. Read more

Letters to the Editor

Soon, Donald Trump’s National Labor Relations Board will likely crush graduate student unions once and for all. Read more

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We have a responsibility to create a community that is a life-giving as possible. What does that look like? Read more

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Photo by Julieta Cervantes

Mavis Staples! Yo La Tengo! Emmylou Harris! Meredith Monk! Lang Lang! We could go on! Read more



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We noticed that the festival's largest stage is down to one show this year, and only two shows take place off Duke's campus. According to ADF, it's a feature, not a bug. Read more



Photo by Mat Hayward

Our dance and theater critic picks the top five shows where you're sure to find him this summer. Read more



Photo by Jerry Cooper

At UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke, and Wake Forest, black students comprise less than 10 percent of the student body. Read more

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Duke alumna Jen Schradie’s new book argues that conservative activists have an inherent digital advantage. Read more

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Brett Villena

And other things our readers told us this week. Read more

Letters to the Editor

County commissioners voted unanimously to end a regional transportation system two decades in the making. Read more

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“We really don’t have any other choice.” Read more

North Carolina

The university allegedly submitted “falsified or fabricated data or research” in grant applications and reports between 2006 and 2018. Read more

Durham County

“Durham is a progressive and forward-thinking city. Why are we building a nineteenth-century fixed rail system?” Read more

Letters to the Editor


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Duke faces a class-action suit over an alleged no-poach agreement with UNC’s medical school. Read more

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Here’s what our readers told us this week Read more

Letters to the Editor

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    Jade Wilson

    Duke graduate students fought for better stipends. Photography by Jade Wilson.

  • The Durham-Orange Light Rail Is Dead

    Durham County Commissioners voted unanimously to end a regional transportation system two decades in the making.

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    Steve Oliva and Christopher Williams

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    Alex Boerner

    Jonathan Bagg, violist

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    D.L. Anderson

    Fred Raimi, cellist