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In many ways, the LGBTQ rights movement boils down to issues of access and safety. Read more

North Carolina


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The U.S. Supreme Court will hear cases dealing with LGBTQ workplace discrimination on Tuesday. Read more

North Carolina


Pride: Durham, NC

The history of Equality NC, a local initiative to help homeless queer young adults, the dangers of conversion therapy, and, of course, Pride events you shouldn’t miss. Read more

Pride Guide


Jade Wilson

An oral history of fighting for LGBTQ rights in a state where they didn’t come easy. Read more

Pride Guide

In recent years, seventeen states have banned conversion therapy to protect LGBTQ youth. But in North Carolina, and a majority of states, this practice remains legal. Read more

, North Carolina

“I remember when Amendment 1 was being passed and how inhuman my now-wife and I felt.” Read more

Alternative Wedding Guide

A new Sex Designation Form replaces a former requirement for a surgeon’s letter. Read more

North Carolina


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    Jade Wilson

    Equality NC executive director Kendra Johnson