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The thirty-fourth-annual NC Latin American Film Festival will take place October 20 through November 2. Read more



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It's your Friday cinema rundown, with starred reviews and blurbs on movies to see (or avoid) in Triangle theaters this weekend. Read more



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It's your Friday cinema rundown, with starred reviews and blurbs on movies to see (or avoid) in Triangle theaters this weekend. Read more



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During her heyday, the Queen of Rock's image was malleable to the whims of critics—ingenue or sex object, depending on the day—but in a new documentary, the power of her vocal range takes the stage. Read more


Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Jay Leno, Ariana Grande, and dozens of other big personalities and can't-miss performers are coming in hot this fall. Read more



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Featuring the flicks we'll absolutely see, the films we'll probably see, and the ones that we're going to have to bug our local cinemas to book. Read more


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I had a hell of a time getting the register to balance, but there was a sense of pride that came with being part of something that had been there for so long. Read more


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The New York-based, North Carolina-bred film critic Godfrey Cheshire discusses his book "Conversations with Kairostami," for which he had unprecedented access to the great Iranian filmmaker. Read more


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There’s a moment in this gender-flipped remake of a 2006 Danish drama when Julianne Moore unleashes all of her firepower, and I swear my heart actually stopped for a beat. Read more



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At VHSitval and Cinema Overdrive this week, it's as if the heydays of Blockbuster Video and grindhouse cinema never ended. Read more


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The directorial debut by Rhys Ernst, a former "Transparent" producer who grew up in Chapel Hill, is an at once charming and deeply uncomfortable portrayal of queer romance. Read more



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It's your Friday cinema rundown, with starred reviews and blurbs on movies to see (or avoid) in Triangle theaters this weekend. Give us a while and it'll be pretty much comprehensive. Read more



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Welcome to our new Friday rundown—currently partial, but give us a few weeks and it'll be comprehensive—of movies you can see this weekend. Read more


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Shia LaBeouf risks becoming more famous for his offscreen adventures than his onscreen ones, but he's a genuinely soulful presence here. Read more



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In the very funny and surprisingly moving new film, Maron is a pawnshop owner in Birmingham, Alabama, who stumbles into a strange moneymaking opportunity. Read more



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Every year, Wilson, the producer and subject of documentary short The Changing Same, retraces the path of the brutal 1934 lynching of Claude Neal. Read more



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I’ve been called everything from a purveyor of fake news to a “commie” since joining the INDY staff, but the most personally offensive thing I’ve heard on the job is that our own arts editor doesn't like The Beatles. Read more


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It doesn't bode well for "Spider-Man: Far From Home" that its Venice, Berlin, Prague, and London all feel like Busch Gardens in August, and Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio falls flat. Read more



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Trash that doesn't want to be a toy and a toy that doesn't want to be trash make for a half-daring, half-predictable next-gen version of the franchise. Read more


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What if "Men in Black," but Morocco and Chris Hemsworth's torso? Read more


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