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“When people use those platforms, they’re not thinking about, well, what happens if I get assaulted or this happens to me, will there be evidence?” Read more

North Carolina

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A year that began with unimaginable grief ended in the national spotlight after the state rep called out GOP chicanery Read more

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To date, Alston is the only candidate running for District 29. Read more

Durham County

On Wednesday, the day the Sons of Confederate Veterans sued over Silent Sam, the BOG gave the neo-Confederate group $2.5 million. Read more

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A 2015 possum-free-for-all law is being challenged by Animal Help Now, but it's just the tip of the 'possum tail. Read more

North Carolina

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“They did it first” is not a quality argument. Read more


By drawing districts in which only Republicans could win, Hofeller helped radicalize the GOP. Read more



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A new bill would level the playing field between distilleries and the state’s breweries and wineries, advocates say. Read more

North Carolina

Following hundreds of lawsuits filed against pork conglomerate Smithfield Foods, the General Assembly passed laws in 2017 and 2018 making it almost impossible to hold Big Pork accountable for its stink. Read more

North Carolina


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Let’s love on lemurs, hate on ICE, and dunk on Thom Tillis. Read more

Best of the Triangle

Sources say she has the support of current Mayor Nancy McFarlane. Read more

Wake County

Raleigh’s no longer a small town. Its government should reflect that. Read more

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Alex Boerner

And other things our readers told us this week Read more

Letters to the Editor

“It’s just complete lunacy,” says Representative Allison Dahle. Read more

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Meanwhile, the General Assembly is considering modernizing or abolishing the ABC system Read more

North Carolina

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