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"Letting anyone have access to these files, and thus the ability to create undetectable, untraceable guns to hurt others, is a major threat to public safety." Read more

Wake County

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Screenshot taken from City of Durham Facebook page.

According to a report released days after nine-year-old Z’yon Person was killed, 662 people were shot in the Bull City between 2016 and 2018. Read more

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Adriana Ruiz-Billman

Thoughts and prayers (and I think my migraines are coming back). Read more



Courtesy of ShotSpotter

Council members questioned ShotSpotter reps over how well the technology works and what the devices can record. Read more

Durham County


Courtesy of ShotSpotter

“It’s expensive, but so are human lives. What price do you place on a Bull City resident’s life?” Read more

Durham County


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Seriously, don’t be an idiot. Read more

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    “Felons with Firearms in Durham, NC.” August 2019. Report prepared by the Gang Reduction Strategy Steering Committee

    A sample file for a proposed social media campaign.