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An out-of-the-way karaoke bar among the redwoods near Big Sur hangs like a mirage above Sarlé's new album, "Karaoke Angel." Read more


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Tony Crider

One was nearly cleared of a public urination charge—until the prosecutor reminded the judge of a photo showing the word “piss” on the monument’s surface with an arrow helpfully pointing to a pool of liquid. Read more

Orange County

And other things our readers told us this week. Read more

Letters to the Editor


Jade Wilson

The delightfully ephemeral—at least on our visit—Hillsborough restaurant’s local-as-all-hell menu is constantly changing. Read more


A police report suggests the high school knew about the first threat—and maybe others—for a week before it told anyone. Read more

Orange County

Little wants to see the people involved held accountable—and she says diversity training isn’t going to cut it. Read more

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D.L. Anderson Independent Weekly

It’s a problem everywhere, and this area isn’t immune Read more


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    Dude protesting guns