Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Michael

Photo by NOAA via Associated Press

Thirty thousand homes could become inaccessible due to flooding. More than twenty-three thousand are susceptible to wildfires. Read more

North Carolina


Alex Boerner

“Is it an improvement? Anything they do that is beyond a basic hole in the ground and spraying all the manure on fields is an improvement.” Read more

, North Carolina

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Photo courtesy of Wilson's Eatery

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Photo by Leigh Tauss

And will the General Assembly do anything about it? Read more

North Carolina

Neuse River during Hurricane Florence.jpg

Photo by Rick Dove

“If the storm slows and dumps two feet of rain like some of the predictions are, I think we could be in a lot of trouble.” Read more

North Carolina

  • Hog Waste sprayed before Hurrican Florence.jpg

    Photo by Rick Dove

    Hog waste is sprayed on a field the day before Hurricane Florence was expected to make landfall.

  • Neuse River during Hurricane Florence.jpg

    Photo by Rick Dove

    The remnants of a dock on the Neuse River hours before the arrival of Hurricane Florence.

  • Carolina-Beach-9.jpg

    Photo by Caitlin Penna

    Preparing for Florence on Carolina Beach