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The agency has sent out other so-called notices of intention to fine, all of which, a spokesman says, went to “persons ordered removed who've failed to depart and instead fled to a designated sensitive location.” Read more

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“The tension all day was terrible. I am an activist in my community, but I had never lived through something like this in person.” Read more

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“Me and my husband are Christians. Then we have this situation and look to other Christians for help. But the Christians say they don’t want to help me because they support President Trump.” Read more

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Republicans want to crack down. Roy Cooper can stop them. Read more

North Carolina

The bad news: He thinks he can do what he wants. The good news: He’s very bad at doing stuff. Read more


Taken on its own merits, experts say, the bill is a legal mess. Perhaps its real purpose was to make Governor Cooper veto it. Read more

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And other things are readers told us this week Read more

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Cliff Jenkins

“We are against racism, we are against Islamophobia, we are against anti-Semitism, and we are against occupation abroad.” Read more

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“Sod off with that nonsense,” and other things our readers told us this week Read more

Letters to the Editor

This will be the defining battle of the next six months—and maybe the next six decades. Read more

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Sheriff Mike Andrews, who lost a primary reelection bid, is still honoring ICE detainers. Read more

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