With every day that goes by, this seems more and more like a fight everyone lost. Read more


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By Sindhoor Ambati

Dozens marched downtown Thursday night calling on President Trump to cease attacks against Iran. Read more

North Carolina

The headlines from Dec. 31, 2019–Jan. 7, 2020. Read more

North Carolina


Courtesy of the artist and East Wing Contemporary Gallery

"She Who Tells a Story" ought to disabuse Western viewers of the notion that women from Iran and the Arab world lack agency and self-definition. Read more


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photo courtesy of The Carolina Theatre

The New York-based, North Carolina-bred film critic Godfrey Cheshire discusses his book "Conversations with Kairostami," for which he had unprecedented access to the great Iranian filmmaker. Read more


Will the consummate bullshitter bullshit us into another bullshit war? Read more


President Trump thinks his intelligence chiefs are naive and he knows more than they do. As chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, do you agree—or is he a narcissist who’s going to get us all killed? Read more

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