Jeffrey C. Billman

Ignore the feud. Focus on the question underlying it. Read more



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Introducing the 4th Estate, a beer to benefit journalism, coming next month to Bond Brothers in Cary. Read more



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“I wasn’t really into beer in college until I was 26, 27.” Read more

15 Minutes

With every day that goes by, this seems more and more like a fight everyone lost. Read more



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“When people use those platforms, they’re not thinking about, well, what happens if I get assaulted or this happens to me, will there be evidence?” Read more

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Yesterday, the Orange County Rape Crisis Center cut ties with Al Bowers, citing allegations of sexual harassment. Read more



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Through their “intentional and reckless” behavior, the lawsuit alleges, Snapchat and Tinder caused Aaliyah Palmer “emotional distress, embarrassment, humiliation, fear, and harm.” Read more

, North Carolina

Never tweet, Thom Tillis. Never tweet. Read more

North Carolina

“This spread throughout the South; it wasn’t just happening in North Carolina. This event really inspired white supremacy all across the South.” Read more

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Durham Housing Authority

“What can you tell me that would help me feel comfortable letting my kids go to sleep tonight?” Read more

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In 2002, Dick Cheney said we’d be “greeted as liberators.” We got endless war. In 2020, Mike Pompeo said Iraqis were “dancing in the street.” Do you really think that’s how this ends? Read more

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In the five years I’ve lived here, the Triangle has seen tremendous change. It’s not going to stop. How we deal with it will be the story of the next two decades. Read more

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Matthew T. Nichols

Bill Barr, the most dangerous of Donald Trump’s lackeys. Read more


Meadows wants to spend more time shilling for the president. Read more

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The Durham mayor pushed through the biggest housing bond in North Carolina history. Now comes the hard part. Read more

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The Common Cause executive director helped give North Carolina the closest thing it’s had to fair legislative and congressional districts in a decade Read more

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The day she quit, UNC-Chapel Hill’s chancellor tried to put the Silent Sam controversy to rest once and for all. It didn’t work, and her legacy is far from settled. Read more

North Carolina

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Blyth Morell / Duke University

Duke’s soon-to-retire executive VP helped kill Durham’s light-rail dreams. But is he really the villain in this play? Read more

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The INDY’s editor, a Duke professor, and local media entrepreneur weigh in. Read more

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