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Our guiding principle: All couples are uniquely beautiful and deserve to be celebrated for who they are, no matter who they are. Read more

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Raleigh’s no longer a small town. Its government should reflect that. Read more

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Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore for CPAC (Creative Commons Use License)

He needs it, so he feeds it Read more


We’re setting the odds. You send the money. (Checks payable to cash, please.) Read more


“We used to fight together for the things we cared about. Now it seems like we just fight with each other.” Read more

Wake County



On Monday, the transit agency asked for more light-rail negotiations. Today, Duke declined. Read more

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He can’t win. He needs the other guys to lose. You’re going to hear the S-word a lot. Read more

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Steve Oliva and Christopher Williams

“I’m convinced they did not try to kill this light rail project because of all the things they mentioned. They did not want this project for some reason.” Read more

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“You have our personal pledge that Duke will maintain—indeed, deepen—our mutual partnership and shared engagement with the community.” Read more

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If your progressive agenda doesn’t include institutional reform, you’re just kidding yourself. Read more

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Alex Boerner

Twenty-two percent say it happened in the 2017–18 academic year alone. Read more

Durham County

A judge ruled the General Assembly couldn’t use its ill-gotten supermajorities to put constitutional amendments on the ballot. So why should its veto overrides stand? Read more



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“The Negro Motorist Green Book,” published from the 1930s to the 1960s, offered African Americans a directory of places where it was safe to go in often hostile cities. Read more

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“An illegally constituted General Assembly does not represent the people of North Carolina and is therefore not empowered to pass legislation that would amend the state’s Constitution.” Read more

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Maybe Donald Trump is too incompetent to be dangerous, but when he’s gone, this genie won’t want to go back into the bottle. Read more


McClatchy, the N&O’s parent company, just offered 10 percent of its employees a buyout. The hits keep on coming. Read more




She is the second woman to accuse him of assault. Read more


Roe is threatened. Conservatives see an opening. You’re going to start hearing words like “infanticide” a whole lot. Read more