Jordan Green

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The North Carolina native joined ultranationalists to fight the Russians in Ukraine, the global nexus of white supremacist extremism. Read more

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Tony Crider

One was nearly cleared of a public urination charge—until the prosecutor reminded the judge of a photo showing the word “piss” on the monument’s surface with an arrow helpfully pointing to a pool of liquid. Read more

Orange County


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“So that’s how I started my first day of a new semester, humiliated and afraid on my own campus.” Read more

Orange County

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The Republican Liberty Caucus had planned an event called “Who Are the Proud Boys?” with speaker Hussein Hill at a Cary sports bar. Read more

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At UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke, and Wake Forest, black students comprise less than 10 percent of the student body. Read more

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Jordan Green

Finch is the state’s longest-serving prisoner to see his conviction tossed. Read more

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Jordan Green

The student, Julia Pulawski, was convicted on two counts of assaulting an officer based on what she calls “false testimony.” Read more

Orange County

One pleaded guilty, another was convicted, two were found not guilty, and three agreed to community service. Read more

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Jordan Green

An Orange County judge dismissed a misdemeanor charge against Dixon that was brought by the editor of Big League Politics Read more

North Carolina


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