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“My parents were refugees from Vietnam. Growing up, we didn’t exactly have much.” Read more

Orange County

On October 30, the town council rejected a black grad student’s nomination to the transportation advisory board and appointed a retired white man instead. Read more

Orange County


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Racial equity is a major issue in Tuesday’s Board of Education election. Read more

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“She embodied the hope of the New South, to overcome past divisions and chart a positive, inclusive forward course.” Read more

North Carolina


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“We cannot allow another generation of young people to become addicted to nicotine,” says Attorney General Josh Stein.” Read more

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Sara Pequeño

It was a rough night for some incumbents on the Raleigh City Council. Read more

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On Monday night in Raleigh, twenty chefs and six mixologists from across the state competed to be named the NCRLA chef, pastry chef, and mixologist of the year, among other titles. Read more



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North Carolina farmers are excited about hemp. North Carolina cops, not so much. Read more

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Also among the endorsers: former Chapel Hill mayor Mark Kleinschmidt. Read more

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