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Jamie Foxx plays a falsely convicted death-row inmate who is exonerated with the help of a Harvard Law graduate portrayed by Michael B. Jordan. Read more


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The Grammy-nominated composer, flutist, and vocalist, who is half of the duo Flutronix, brings her evening-length work to UNC on Friday, Jan. 10. Read more


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The Golden Belt exhibit, which has a reception and portrait party tonight, boldly yet subtly captures the painful experiences that people of color and queer folks face. Read more



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In November, 9th flooded social media with a surprise announcement: He had signed Durham’s Swank and King Draft to Jamla, which would drop their new album at midnight. Read more


After building much of her success in Nashville, Palmer added just the right amount of soul to her signature countrified sound in Durham with a host of local artists and musicians. Read more



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The "Luke Cage" scorers and musical polymaths are bringing their "sophisticated hip-hop jazz" band to Motorco. Read more


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Little Brother enjoyed being together as much as we enjoyed seeing them. Saadiq owned the stage. What more could a girl who equally loves hip-hop and '90s R&B ask for? Read more


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Of the many music festivals in the Triangle, Hopscotch is in the lead when it comes to supporting local hip-hop artists, and they do so with intention and consistency. Read more

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En route to Raleigh, the turntable wizard and Will Smith collaborator discusses the smooth Uber ride of his varied career, chops up a bunch of basketball metaphors, and takes aspiring DJs to school. Read more



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We discuss the meaning of country, the legacy of Toni Morrison, Lil Nas X, and much more with Palmer. Read more


On several interludes, Defacto riskily raps over well-known beats produced by the likes of Timbaland and the Alchemist. On three out of four, he nails it. Read more



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They’re on the radio. They’re curating festivals, shows, and cultural spaces. They’re doing PR and digital marketing. They’re capturing dope visuals, spitting fire lyrics, and crafting trap hooks. Some of them are mothers. This is our salute. Read more



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“Golden Belt is not just music focused—there is a holistic approach to visual art, family fun, film, and health initiatives,” Mitchell says. Read more


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Relive the dream with our recap, analysis, and photos of Raleigh hip-hop star J. Cole's groundbreaking debut festival in Dix Park. Read more

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Raleigh's William Peace University hosts The Hip Hop and Higher Education Symposium, an academic counterpart to J. Cole's new music festival. Read more


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Us forces us to consider the roles we play in a destructive society and how we create room for hate to exist in the world. Read more


The exhibit Joe Winters Comes Home has a reception at Raleigh Memorial Auditorium on Sunday, Feb. 24. Read more



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Nothing can beat a deep commitment to craft. Read more


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It could only happen in one place. Read more


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Plus, our editor’s picks for seven movies you can’t miss this fall. Read more