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The first-ever Triangle Ferment Fest is coming to Cary on Sunday to celebrate all things fermented and educate the probiotic-curious on the benefits of healthy bacteria and yeast. Read more



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Bob Karp

Alex Ruch’s baking has a deeper philosophy: that bread is a proper food, not merely an accessory to it. Read more


“Americans are the best at marketing. Nobody can taste a slice and tell you how old the starter was.” Read more

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Eastcut is a restaurant that could exist pretty much anywhere, and actually, that's what feels so Durham about it. Read more


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Photo by Gordon Monro

The master baker and founder of La Farm Bakery shares his recipe for a baked egg-and-bread dish that's perfect for feeding a crowd this holiday season. Read more

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Gray Brooks, Tonya Council, and Lionel Vatinet share their favorite ways to turn leftovers into new dishes. Read more



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If the mere thought of menu planning stresses you out, leave the Thanksgiving Day cooking to the pros. Here’s who's open and where you can pre-order Thanksgiving feasts to-go. Read more



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  • Lionel Vatinet

  • Cocotte from Between the Bread cookbook_PC Gordon Monro.jpg

    Photo by Gordon Monro

    Cocotte, a baked egg-and-bread casserole dish.

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    Photo by Allison Hussey

    A candied bacon s'more from La Farm