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Saige Martin and Jonathan Melton have been elected to the Raleigh City Council. Read more

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Francis has until October 17 to call for a runoff. Early voting starts October 16—which is a weird system. Read more

Wake County

Regardless of runoffs, the balance of power on the council has shifted, and Cox will likely be the odd man out. Read more

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Sara Pequeño

It was a rough night for some incumbents on the Raleigh City Council. Read more

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Jade Wilson

Over 18,000 residents cast early votes this year. Read more


It’s unclear if the fliers break State Board of Election rules regarding campaign disclosures. Read more

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Photo provided by Francis for Mayor. Design by Annie Maynard.

Francis is driven by ambition, destiny, and a sense of the greater good—and a conviction that the greater good is him. Read more

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Photo courtesy the Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States

“What is the difference between a bookkeeper in New York’s garment district and a supreme court justice?” Ginsburg said. “My answer is one generation.” Read more

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Photo by Jade Wilson

There was relentless rain, Uber surge prices, and $9 PBR tallboys. Nevertheless, Hopscotch persisted. Read more



Photo by Bob Karp

But not before David Cox made it more restrictive. Read more

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Photo courtesy of Hopscotch

Gruff Rhys is a relentless optimist. Read more


John Kane Wants to Build Raleigh’s Tallest Skyscraper.jpg

Courtesy of Kane Realty

The developer agreed to include affordable units, but he also has to clear a traffic study. Read more

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Screenshot taken from security video at Kazeem Oyeneyin's home shows Raleigh Police Officers detaining him in his own home after responding to an alarm.

The police had come over an accidentally tripped house alarm. Kazeem Oyeneyin called it “the most humiliating experience of my life.” Read more

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Jade Wilson

After receiving complaints, the city quickly spiked the $30,000 pilot project. Read more

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Design by Annie Maynard

Almost everyone running for office in Raleigh identifies as a progressive, but they define that term differently. Read more

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“I regret that this happened, and also regret the impact it’s had on the productivity and, frankly, the civility of this council.” Read more

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And other things our readers told us this week Read more

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