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And other things our readers told us this week Read more

Letters to the Editor


By Leigh Tauss

Donald Trump, Ilham Omar, and the chant heard around the world. Read more

North Carolina


Bob Karp

A bill to reform the state's liquor laws cleared the legislature Wednesday. Read more

North Carolina

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“I’m running for reasons other than me actually wanting to be mayor. I am a malanthrope. I don’t—I love humanity. I don’t like people.” Read more

Wake County

Soon, Donald Trump’s National Labor Relations Board will likely crush graduate student unions once and for all. Read more

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Courtesy of Kane Realty

It will, however, listen to public comments on the issue. And a catch-22 appears to be developing. Read more

Wake County


By Leigh Tauss

In this podcast, editor Jeffrey Billman argues for more transparency and less whining from members of the Raleigh City Council. Read more

Wake County


File photo by Bob Karp

A new bill would level the playing field between distilleries and the state’s breweries and wineries, advocates say. Read more

North Carolina

Republicans want to crack down. Roy Cooper can stop them. Read more

North Carolina


File Photo

Does the rule—passed after former planning commissioner Eric Braun asked why David Cox was reporting his tweets to the city attorney—violate the First Amendment? Read more

Wake County 2 Comments

Here’s what the pursuit of the American Dream is like for first-time Raleigh homebuyers like me: hard, fast, and heartbreaking. Read more

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ORC of Wendell

“Y’all just keep forgetting that we are not our great grandparents. We stand up when we’re disrespected and shut down businesses. Ole racist rasses.” Read more

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Photo by Thomas Goldsmith

Invoices show nearly $9,000 in allegedly unpaid bills—and possibly some expenditures not included on campaign finance records. Read more

Wake County

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Courtesy of Charles Francis

The Raleigh lawyer and businessman talks affordable housing, transportation, and more on this edition of the podcast. Read more

Wake County


Photo provided by Charles Francis for Mayor.

“One thing I’m bringing to the table is to include everybody in the city.” Read more

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Photo by Hanna Finch

This podcast was recorded live at Boulevards’ First Friday album release party at the INDY’s office in Raleigh. Read more

Wake County

Get the lowdown on Durham’s affordable housing efforts from planning director Pat Young and learn why David Knight had to quit his job to run for Raleigh City Council. Read more

North Carolina


Provided by the candidate

The director of the state’s Outdoor Recreation Industries Office was told he’d have to step down to challenge Stef Mendell for Raleigh City Council. He’s doing it anyway. Read more

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