M Tempura


Lena Geller

The chef behind acclaimed M Sushi, M Kokko, and M Tempura will open a new restaurant, M Pocha, in downtown Durham on July 2. Read more



Photo by Lauren Allen

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Letters to the Editor


Photo by Jade Wilson

In a meal that was essentially a procession of impeccable marvels, the eggplant stood out as the apotheosis. Read more



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From Alamo Drafthouse to reams of new restaurants, there was plenty of new to fill the gaps in the old this year. Read more


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Photo courtesy of Funguys Brewing

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Courtesy of M Tempura

Durham chef Michael Lee fills the spot where Scratch was with a tempura restaurant that introduces new concepts to the area. Read more


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    Lena Geller

    Short ribs and Spanish pork at M Pocha, Michael Lee's new Korean street food restaurant.

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    Photo by Jade Wilson

  • review-m-tempura-pursues-perfection1.jpg

    Photo by Jade Wilson

  • M Tempura Orange Buttermilk Sherbet.png

    Photo by Layla Khoury-Hanold

    Orange Buttermilk Sherbet at M Tempura

  • M tempura soft shell shrimp.png

    Courtesy of M Tempura

    Soft shell shrimp tempura at M Tempura.