Marta Nuñez Pouzols

Pain and Glory_© El Deseo. Photo by Manolo Pavón. Courtesy Sony Pictures Classics..jpg

© El Deseo/photo by Manolo Pavón/courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

Although there is no lack of pain, desire, and regret in the great director's film à clef, ge seems to be holding back in order to avoid presenting himself in a too-stark light. Read more



Photo courtesy of Full Frame Documentary Festival

Every year, Wilson, the producer and subject of documentary short The Changing Same, retraces the path of the brutal 1934 lynching of Claude Neal. Read more


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Photo courtesy of David de Rozas

Rozas's experimental portrait of Roland Gordon won a Jury Award for best short at the festival's awards ceremony today. Read more


It's a sign of the changing times that one of our favorite films of the year barely made it to the big screen at all. Read more

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