Until last week, North Carolina was also the only state in the U.S. that didn’t explicitly allow a person to revoke consent once sex has been initiated. Read more

North Carolina

A new report claims women who reported sexual harassment while working at meatpacking plants were retaliated against. Read more

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This sort of tactic—attempting to silence someone by suing them—is known as a strategic lawsuit against public participation. SLAPPs use civil litigation to intimidate critics by sapping their time, money, and morale. Read more

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House Bill 393 would amend laws around abuse of juveniles, abuse that occurs while a person is incapacitated, and distribution of date rape drugs. Read more

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Twenty-two percent say it happened in the 2017–18 academic year alone. Read more

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As the FBI investigates the North Carolina-born musician's sexual texts with a minor, in the wake of a Times report on his coercive behavior, we need to reckon with the culture that supported Adams, not just forget he exists. Read more

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Both showed up at Goodnights in Raleigh this week, Ansari with a surprise visit Tuesday and Miller starting tonight. Read more

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Duke University

Burke delivered the keynote address for Duke University’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. commemoration. Read more

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Raleigh Little Theatre is employing an intimacy director to handle the highly fraught scenes of sexual coercion in Shakespeare's Measure for Measure. Read more