Moogfest 2019

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photo by Brain Visions

Questlove and haptic gloves, minimal-techno masters lost in light and fog, tripping on digital psychedelics, and other very Moogfest things to say. Read more



Photo by Brain Visions

Highlights from Durham's annual electronic music festival, featuring photos by Brain Visions. Read more


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photo by Brain Visions

Local folks or national acts? Blazing lights or infernal darkness? Party vibes or deep isolation? The first day of Moogfest was full of stark choices. Read more


See what we're tweeting from the ground, plus, follow our Instagram @indyweek for photos and stories. Read more


With its focus on the coolest electronic music, the latest technology, and the biggest ideas, Moogfest’s challenge in Durham has always been accessibility. Read more



file photo by Jeremy M. Lange

This year, thanks to the diligent efforts of local electronic artists and deejays, Moogfest is doing better at tapping into the local scene. Read more



Photo courtesy of Zeitgeist Films

“We talk a lot about voice in this society, but people need power. I can tell my stories until the cows come home, but if there’s not actual structural change, then what’s the point, if I’m just shouting into the void?" Read more


The festival hasn’t announced a lineup for its April throwdown—and that’s not its only public-facing problem. Read more

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