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“One thing I’m bringing to the table is to include everybody in the city.” Read more

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And other things our readers told us this week. Read more

Letters to the Editor

Sources say she has the support of current Mayor Nancy McFarlane. Read more

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A young, diverse crop of candidates says the powers-that-be have failed their generation Read more

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We’re setting the odds. You send the money. (Checks payable to cash, please.) Read more


McFarlane is done. Who will take her place? Read more

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“We used to fight together for the things we cared about. Now it seems like we just fight with each other.” Read more

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In 2018, he initiated at least two investigations into city officials. Neither went anywhere. But former council member Mary-Ann Baldwin says those complaints violated the council’s code of conduct. Read more

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"It's cumbersome and really defeats our primary goal of providing housing," Mayor Nancy McFarlane said. Read more

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It won’t lead to many accessory dwelling units actually being built. Read more

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Leigh Tauss

The decision speaks to the city council’s willingness to prioritize the needs of a few vocal residents over its own long-term vision. Read more

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Mayor McFarlane wants city staffers to look into it anyway. Read more

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We asked nine prominent locals to bring their favorite dishes, from apps to ‘zerts. Read more