Nancy McFarlane

Former Raleigh council member Stef Mendell weighs in on last week’s story about Nancy McFarlane. Read more

Letters to the Editor


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Lots of politicians say they’re not politicians. But McFarlane really wasn’t one. This proved to be a blessing and a curse. Read more

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Bring your finest Thanksgiving dish and gather ’round our imaginary table. Read more



By Leigh Tauss

A local activist calls the planned “community dialogue” sessions a stall tactic. Read more

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Leigh Tauss

The Raleigh restauranteur who won the James Beard award for Outstanding Chef this year was recognized by the mayor for her contributions to the local economy. Read more


Francis has until October 17 to call for a runoff. Early voting starts October 16—which is a weird system. Read more

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But not before David Cox made it more restrictive. Read more

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Almost everyone running for office in Raleigh identifies as a progressive, but they define that term differently. Read more

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“I regret that this happened, and also regret the impact it’s had on the productivity and, frankly, the civility of this council.” Read more

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“One thing I’m bringing to the table is to include everybody in the city.” Read more

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And other things our readers told us this week. Read more

Letters to the Editor

Sources say she has the support of current Mayor Nancy McFarlane. Read more

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A young, diverse crop of candidates says the powers-that-be have failed their generation Read more

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We’re setting the odds. You send the money. (Checks payable to cash, please.) Read more


McFarlane is done. Who will take her place? Read more

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“We used to fight together for the things we cared about. Now it seems like we just fight with each other.” Read more

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In 2018, he initiated at least two investigations into city officials. Neither went anywhere. But former council member Mary-Ann Baldwin says those complaints violated the council’s code of conduct. Read more

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"It's cumbersome and really defeats our primary goal of providing housing," Mayor Nancy McFarlane said. Read more

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    Nancy McFarlane

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    Nancy McFarlane: Politics Ruins Everything.

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    Nancy McFarlane and her dogs.

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    Nancy McFarlane