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Props to the guy who brought the #SilentSham charade to light. Read more

North Carolina

Nate Baker wants the county to give you $20 a year to spend on the nonprofit journalism entity of your choice. Read more

Durham County

Facing declining ad revenues and saddling with massive debt, the McClatchy family will turn the company over to the hedge fund that owns the National Enquirer. Read more

North Carolina

The decision could affect former employees of The Charlotte Observer. Read more

North Carolina


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The INDY’s editor, a Duke professor, and local media entrepreneur weigh in. Read more

North Carolina

Facing a liquidity crisis, the company reported a net loss of $304 million in the third quarter. Read more

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Leigh Tauss

The rest of us have to deal with the consequences of their denial. Read more

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McClatchy, the N&O’s parent company, just offered 10 percent of its employees a buyout. The hits keep on coming. Read more



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