A new ProPublica project shows the academic achievement gap all over the country—and in North Carolina. Read more

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Let’s take a tour of our favorite wasted ballots! Read more

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The beloved Cary brewery and other local eateries are coming to the airport in January. Read more


From 2013 to 2018, 662 people died of drug overdoses, according to the Register of Deeds. Read more

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According to a petition, Bloomer left The Word Network after Kevin Adell sent an image of himself dressed as a pimp and black preachers as his “hoes.” Read more

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The ACLU and NC Prisoner Legal Services filed a class-action complaint Wednesday on behalf of four prisoners. Read more

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Early voting starts on Wednesday. Read more


We’re backing a mix of incumbents and challengers. Read more


Props to Kevin Mason for at least supplying some competition. Read more

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Our recommendations for the November municipal elections in Orange and Durham Counties, plus early voting locations. Read more



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(Besides white supremacy.) Read more


American elites, whatever their intentions, display a consistent disregard for the basic sanctity of human life when other interests are at stake. Read more


And other things our readers told us this week. Read more

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“I’m hopeful that the revitalization of the Y will be a vehicle that helps our community.” Read more

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Jillian Clark

Plus one thing you shouldn’t worry about. Read more

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The Raleigh restauranteur who won the James Beard award for Outstanding Chef this year was recognized by the mayor for her contributions to the local economy. Read more


The Durham DA had some candid comments about life in Durham and the privilege of Duke students. Read more

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“This anti-immigration rhetoric is sad for Durham, and quite frankly, painful for me." Read more

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