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The Common Cause executive director helped give North Carolina the closest thing it’s had to fair legislative and congressional districts in a decade Read more

North Carolina

Until last week, North Carolina was also the only state in the U.S. that didn’t explicitly allow a person to revoke consent once sex has been initiated. Read more

North Carolina

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They’ve bought into the YIMBY hype. But will they make the gentrification in Southeast Raleigh worse? Read more

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He didn’t sell out for an appointment, he says. He cashed in a bargaining chip for Saturday voting. Read more

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A no-brainer to everyone but Republicans in the General Assembly, that is. Read more

North Carolina

Republicans want to crack down. Roy Cooper can stop them. Read more

North Carolina


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And other things our readers told us this week Read more

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Attorneys with the advocacy group Common Cause asked a judge to kindly tell the legislature to stop trying to “conceal evidence that is extraordinarily relevant” to the gerrymandering case. Read more

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And other things our readers told us this week. Read more

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Thanks to one turncoat Dem senator, this unscientific idiocy could actually become law. Read more

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Thousands of teachers and their supporters converged on downtown Raleigh Wednesday to demand better funding and more respect from state legislators. Read more

North Carolina


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“The crumbs that you’re giving us, yes, thank you, but more needs to happen.” Read more

, North Carolina

And other things are readers told us this week Read more

Letters to the Editor

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House Bill 370 would require detention facilities to honor detainer requests from ICE, which multiple federal courts have found unconstitutional. Read more

North Carolina

A judge ruled the General Assembly couldn’t use its ill-gotten supermajorities to put constitutional amendments on the ballot. So why should its veto overrides stand? Read more


“An illegally constituted General Assembly does not represent the people of North Carolina and is therefore not empowered to pass legislation that would amend the state’s Constitution.” Read more

North Carolina


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But term limits won’t happen, so an NC newspaper thinks we should just let right-wingers rewrite the Constitution. Politics is weird. Read more

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, the streaming giant won't do business in N.C. while the remnants of the bathroom bill are still on the books. Read more


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