North Carolina

“All in all, not a terrible loss for us.” more

Wake County

In North Carolina, Democrats got more votes. Republicans got more seats. more



Leigh Tauss

Without a supermajority, Republican legislators will struggle to override vetoes by Governor Cooper. more

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Statewide, county, and judicial races: We’ve got all of that, plus dispatches from local election parties. more

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The blue wave is coming. Probably. Maybe? more

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From finding your polling place to the latest early voting figures more

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N.C. State Archives

No ladies nights, no two-for-ones, no happy hours, and only one drink per person at a time—unless you order a beer and shot, in which case, no problem! more


“If they are showing a ten-point margin at this point, that would be a blue wave.” more

North Carolina

State representative Marcia Morey talks Marsy’s Law, our news writers weigh in on upcoming elections, and music editor Allison Hussey gives the rundown on shows you don’t want to miss. more

North Carolina

It could clog North Carolina courts, cost taxpayers big, and—most important—deny defendants their right to a fair, speedy trial. more

North Carolina


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They're among more than seventy-five local elected officials across the state saying #NixAllSix. more

Durham County

In a video entitled Voter Fraud 101 Dan Forest (falsely) decries "rampant" voter fraud ... and gives step-by-step directions on how to do it. more

North Carolina

Hurricane Michael

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Emergency response and water rescues have already begun in western North Carolina. more

North Carolina


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The challenges the LGBTQ community faces have changed. Now the Triangle’s marquee festival has too. more

Pride Guide

Yeah, it was against Pitt. But a win is a win. more


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“If the storm slows and dumps two feet of rain like some of the predictions are, I think we could be in a lot of trouble.” more

North Carolina