North Carolina

Zainab Baloch on the young people who want to run Raleigh, and Durham grapples with adding density near downtown. Read more

North Carolina

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In time for International Women's Day, the women-owned microbrewery hosted a brew day with the Pink Boots Society to raise money for local scholarships. Read more


“It’s just complete lunacy,” says Representative Allison Dahle. Read more

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Democracy NC

Turnout rose from 44 percent in 2014 to 53 percent in 2018. Read more

North Carolina


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In July, Hudson founded the North Carolina Community Bail Fund of Durham, designed to bail people out of the Durham County Detention Facility. Read more

Durham County


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Seriously, don’t be an idiot. Read more

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A podcast to give you the latest news and culture from Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. Read more

North Carolina

An interview with UNC political scientists Marc Hetherington and Jonathan Weiler on Trump, authoritarianism, and why conservatives love terrible television. Read more

North Carolina

The demise of All About Beer, the latest light rail snag, and the amazing Papa Shogun on this week’s INDYcast. Read more

North Carolina

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By Leigh Tauss

“This is not just a fight about black people. This is a fight about all of us, and when you touch black people, you touch all of us, and that means all of us will stand together.” Read more

North Carolina

“All in all, not a terrible loss for us.” Read more

Wake County

In North Carolina, Democrats got more votes. Republicans got more seats. Read more



Leigh Tauss

Without a supermajority, Republican legislators will struggle to override vetoes by Governor Cooper. Read more

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Statewide, county, and judicial races: We’ve got all of that, plus dispatches from local election parties. Read more

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The blue wave is coming. Probably. Maybe? Read more

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From finding your polling place to the latest early voting figures Read more

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N.C. State Archives

No ladies nights, no two-for-ones, no happy hours, and only one drink per person at a time—unless you order a beer and shot, in which case, no problem! Read more