Wake County Animal Shelter

They are offering reduced adoption fees and gift certificates for animal lovers Read more

Wake County

We asked our social media followers to send us pics of their pets for our Pets Issue, so without further ado, here they are: The winners and finalists from our first-ever #INDYPets photo contest. Read more

The Pets Issue


Photo by Jade Wilson

Meet a few good doggos who are looking for a home and consider lending a helping paw. Read more

The Pets Issue

If you aren't following these adorable beasts yet, congrats on still having a life. Read more

The Pets Issue

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Photo by Adriana Ruiz-Billman

Members of the staff at INDY Week share their pets with you. Read more

The Pets Issue


Jade Wilson

Buckle up and get ready for cuteness. Read more

The Pets Issue


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    Jade Wilson