By Leigh Tauss

A local activist calls the planned “community dialogue” sessions a stall tactic. Read more

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Screenshot taken from security video at Kazeem Oyeneyin's home shows Raleigh Police Officers detaining him in his own home after responding to an alarm.

The police had come over an accidentally tripped house alarm. Kazeem Oyeneyin called it “the most humiliating experience of my life.” Read more

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Provided by John C. Hunt

The razor-thin election, the allegedly racist mayor, the mayor-elect’s DUI, the police chief, the word “biggun,” and a bunch of other things that make this lawsuit the damndest thing you’ve ever seen. Read more

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The cops say thirty-year-old Soheil Antonio Mojarrad had a knife. Read more

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  • Charlotte protest in 2012

    Voice of America

    Charlotte protest in 2012

    Protesters blocked an intersection in Charlotte during the 2012 Democratic National Convention

  • raleigh cop.jpg

    By Leigh Tauss

    A Raleigh police officer guards a Confederate monument outside the state Capitol from protesters.