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"Opossum" by Cleger O is licensed under CC BY 2.0

A 2015 possum-free-for-all law is being challenged by Animal Help Now, but it's just the tip of the 'possum tail. Read more

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Alex Boerner

This sort of tactic—attempting to silence someone by suing them—is known as a strategic lawsuit against public participation. SLAPPs use civil litigation to intimidate critics by sapping their time, money, and morale. Read more

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“This will build upon the investigations of the President’s grave offenses already underway, giving these inquiries focus and the maximum ability to obtain information in the face of the president’s stonewalling and resistance,” Price said. Read more

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Cox previously tried to get the city’s utilities director disciplined for refusing to reroute the project, which the city’s staff says is impossible because of nearby wetlands. Read more

Wake County

Right now Roy Cooper is crossing his fingers and hoping that Dan Forest runs against him. Read more

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Trump’s MAGA geezers will show up. Will you? Read more


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    Photo by DL Anderson

    Bag o' cuffs in the 287(g) processing room inside the Wake County Jail, Raleigh, NC.