“Sure, Dorsett made some fiery speeches. But if he hadn’t, he would have been worthless.” Read more

North Carolina

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Carolina Workers Collective

“We can tell from the video that the desire to physically and forcibly remove antiracist students from our own campus came out of an ideological opposition to antiracism on the part of the police.” Read more

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Earlier this week, co-owner Chris Creech explained why—and said the Durham bottle shop would donate to the Southern Coalition for Social Justice for every CBS pint sold on Friday. Read more

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According to a petition, Bloomer left The Word Network after Kevin Adell sent an image of himself dressed as a pimp and black preachers as his “hoes.” Read more

Durham County

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There’s no such thing as a non-racial policy. Read more

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Tony Crider

One was nearly cleared of a public urination charge—until the prosecutor reminded the judge of a photo showing the word “piss” on the monument’s surface with an arrow helpfully pointing to a pool of liquid. Read more

Orange County


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Owner Andre Chaney speaks favorably about Chatham County police investigation over the racist letter, but he says he has taken issue with some media outlets' coverage. Read more


Call Trump out not only on what he wants to put on display but also on what he’s desperate to conceal. Read more

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“O, yes, I say it plain / America never was America to me / And yet I swear this oath—America will be!” Read more

North Carolina

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The thing about original sin is, you pay for it eventually. Read more

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Wikimedia Commons

A student said someone left a racial slur on his car because he parked in “redneck row.” Read more

Orange County


Leigh Tauss

Saying she violated a noise ordinance—a low-level misdemeanor—the police seized her iPhones, computers, and an alarm clock. Read more

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“Sod off with that nonsense,” and other things our readers told us this week Read more

Letters to the Editor

Think of this “national emergency” as a national IQ test, a chance to see just how gullible the president’s base is and how far the Republican Party will go to prop up its increasingly addled leader. Read more

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Federal judicial nominee Thomas Farr, of Raleigh

Even a casual look at Farr’s record shows he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the bench. Read more


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Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff bring a live version of their podcast to DPAC on Thursday, September 20. Read more

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    Courtesy of Spectrum News