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Francis has until October 17 to call for a runoff. Early voting starts October 16—which is a weird system. Read more

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Sara Pequeño

It was a rough night for some incumbents on the Raleigh City Council. Read more

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Over 18,000 residents cast early votes this year. Read more



Photo provided by Francis for Mayor. Design by Annie Maynard.

Francis is driven by ambition, destiny, and a sense of the greater good—and a conviction that the greater good is him. Read more

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MAB lays out her vision for Raleigh. Read more



Brett Villena

On this episode of INDYcast, Raleigh mayoral candidate and former Wake County Commissioner Caroline Sullivan talks about getting interested in politics, beating breast cancer, and why she thinks she can guide a polarized city council. Read more

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Mayor Pro Tem Corey Branch will be leading the City Council in her absence for the next several weeks. Read more

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We’re setting the odds. You send the money. (Checks payable to cash, please.) Read more


McFarlane is done. Who will take her place? Read more

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