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Every pot smoker has had mundane foodstuffs elevated to giddy heights by a few preprandial puffs. But friends, this was not “the munchies.” This was transcendental. Read more



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An aged creamy, sweet, and boozy holiday beverage unique to Puerto Rico—and loaded with super-high-octane rum. Read more


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Photo by Gordon Monro

The master baker and founder of La Farm Bakery shares his recipe for a baked egg-and-bread dish that's perfect for feeding a crowd this holiday season. Read more

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Photo by Peter Frank Edwards

Sara Foster, author of Pie and owner of Foster's Market in Durham, shares the recipe for her basic butter-and-vegetable-shortening crust, good for pies both savory and sweet. Read more

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Pie author Sara Foster shares the recipe for the classic Southern custard-filled pie she grew up eating during Sunday lunches in her granny Foster's kitchen. Read more

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Photo by Debbie Matthews

Baking season is upon us, and these cookies are destined for repeat status. Roasting the tahini before baking yields a cookie with a deeply toasted flavor that borders on umami. Read more

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Thai  Dish

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