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In its Cosmic Prom on Sunday night, the adored folk trio transformed a warehouse into a fantasy land of friendship, family, and photo ops. Read more


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Based on the true story of a conscientious objector in WWII Austria, Malick's latest grand cosmic vision also has contemporary resonance. Read more



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Jamie Foxx plays a falsely convicted death-row inmate who is exonerated with the help of a Harvard Law graduate portrayed by Michael B. Jordan. Read more


The poetry collection covers a lot of ground—psychogenic disorders, ghosts, a nuclear meltdown—but it centers on Jungleland, a now-defunct zoo for Hollywood show animals. Read more


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On Wednesday, the rising outlaw-country musician barreled through a boisterous, boozy crowd, in what might have been your last chance to see him in a nightclub. Read more

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Kevin Garnett, The Weeknd, Mike Francesa, and John Amos all show up, playing themselves. It's that kind of movie. Read more



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Strip away the period trappings of Terrence McNally's Tony-winning musical, and America in 2019 looks much like America in 1906. Read more



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A relatively amicable split goes supernova when lawyers get involved in Noah Baumbach's indictment of the divorce-law machine. Read more



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Melina Matsoukas’s gorgeous-looking film is best when it goes all in on the fantasy aspects of its ‘70s exploitation-style premise, but a clunky script pulls it toward a by-the-numbers tragic arc. Read more



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Before he divided the "Star Wars" fanbase into warring camps, Johnson helmed detective stories and crime capers, roots he gets back to in this drawing-room whodunit. Read more


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One of the Triangle's biggest resident bands sold out one of its largest halls for the last two nights, and they blew out their minimalist music to persuasive pop proportions. Read more


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What happens if you remove the essential privacy of the recital experience, and then do it for five hours? A centuries-long survey of piano music by women tested the case in Chapel Hill. Read more


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Last month, the Raleigh rap artist premiered his new LP, "I Thought I Knew," at a detail-oriented launch party at CAM Raleigh. Read more



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The Durham band releases its self-titled cassette on Sorry State Records with a Nightlight show this week. Read more



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We already told you about the Daft Punk meets Deee-Lite pleasures of “Lingo” when we premiered it, but that’s just the start of what the young Raleigh producer gets up to here. Read more


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Euripides’s unhurried, unsparing account of conquerors and the conquered has challenged artists and audiences for more than two millennia. Read more


After building much of her success in Nashville, Palmer added just the right amount of soul to her signature countrified sound in Durham with a host of local artists and musicians. Read more



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"Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Mexican Modernism" underscores the sad fate of Kahlo’s legacy as an iconoclastic proto-feminist painter whose image has come to overshadow her politically confrontational, albeit deeply personal, self-portraits. Read more


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Although there is no lack of pain, desire, and regret in the great director's film à clef, ge seems to be holding back in order to avoid presenting himself in a too-stark light. Read more


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The play, which just closed at Ward Theatre, is tipped for a revival this spring, and we hope it happens. Read more


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  • The Revolutionists

    photo by Areon Mobasher

    The Revolutionists

    Melanie Simmons in The Revolutionists at Raleigh Little Theatre

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    Curve of Departure