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photo by Nils Schlebusch

With Pulitzer-winning composer David Lang, fearless cellist Maya Beiser, expert dancer Wendy Whelan, and postmodern pioneer Lucinda Childs on deck, what could possibly go wrong? Read more


Malcom Brown’s positivity is infectious but not saccharine, and he raps on a level playing field with his audience rather than from a preachy position of authority. Read more



Photo by Ashley Popio

Even after the global environmental disaster that we all know is coming, some things will stay the same—well, at least for a while. Read more


If the words “chillwave survivor” mean nothing to you, congratulations: You are neither a music critic nor a hardcore internet dweller. Read more



photo by Jade Wilson

Art of Cool brings a special vibe to Durham that no other local festival does. It’s just North Carolina folks coming together to enjoy some soulful Black music—and this year’s first night carried on that tradition very well. Read more


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Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures

Ivins bucked both geography and genealogy to become a leading voice of the liberal left for more than fifty years. Read more



Photo courtesy of Cat's Cradle

Though I raptly watched Chan Marshall perform for an hour and a half, I don’t think I ever saw her face. Read more



Photo courtesy of Merge Records

Conviction and caution collide on the Durham-based Merge Records artist's fine, fiery new album, due out this Friday. Read more


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photo by Jade Wilson

Little Brother enjoyed being together as much as we enjoyed seeing them. Saadiq owned the stage. What more could a girl who equally loves hip-hop and '90s R&B ask for? Read more


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photo by Kevin Nunes/courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

There’s a moment in this gender-flipped remake of a 2006 Danish drama when Julianne Moore unleashes all of her firepower, and I swear my heart actually stopped for a beat. Read more


On "May the Lord Watch," the legendary Durham duo is in classic form, underscoring their influence on the hip-hop landscape from which they've been absent for too long. Read more


The six-month-old Wake Forest restaurant succeeds by keeping it simple, but good luck if you're a vegetarian. Read more


On several interludes, Defacto riskily raps over well-known beats produced by the likes of Timbaland and the Alchemist. On three out of four, he nails it. Read more



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If "Live Tissue" is a trip—and it definitely is—it’s riddled with sudden drops, stops, and unexpected switchbacks, fusing high-velocity hip-hop and modern dance. Read more


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photo by Zoe Litaker

We can't even tell you about the most powerful, divisive part of "Don't Get Any Ideas, Little Lady," a piece seemingly designed to be indigestible by audiences and star ratings. Read more



Photo by Jerry Metellus

Robinson's lithe, commanding ensemble performed classic works like "Mourner's Bench" and spotlighted rising choreographers like Micaela Taylor. Read more


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photo by Jay Maidment/courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment

It doesn't bode well for "Spider-Man: Far From Home" that its Venice, Berlin, Prague, and London all feel like Busch Gardens in August, and Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio falls flat. Read more


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Photo courtesy of Columbia Pictures

What if "Men in Black," but Morocco and Chris Hemsworth's torso? Read more


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Photo courtesy of Theatre Raleigh

Ayad Akhtar, whose incendiary drama "Disgraced" left theatrical scorch marks at PlayMakers Rep in 2015, finds plenty of contemporary relevance in the world of 1980s junk bond traders. Read more



Courtesy of TIFF

This isn't Olivier Assayas's best, but fine actors such as Juliette Binoche make the most of a script cribbed from decade-old think pieces. Read more


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  • The Revolutionists

    photo by Areon Mobasher

    The Revolutionists

    Melanie Simmons in The Revolutionists at Raleigh Little Theatre

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    photo by Tim Walter

    Curve of Departure