Richard Burr

In a lecture at Duke, he also dismissed the Green New Deal as a “pipe dream.” Read more

North Carolina


Sarah E. Kiser

“It is absolutely essential for openness, transparency, and for America to judge whether there’s been an obstruction of justice,” state Senator Floyd Mckissick told the crowd. Read more

North Carolina

President Trump thinks his intelligence chiefs are naive and he knows more than they do. As chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, do you agree—or is he a narcissist who’s going to get us all killed? Read more

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As long as we’re getting rid of bigotry in politics … Read more

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Burr, of course, is chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is conducting its own inquiry into Russian election interference. Read more

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Think of this “national emergency” as a national IQ test, a chance to see just how gullible the president’s base is and how far the Republican Party will go to prop up its increasingly addled leader. Read more

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Federal judicial nominee Thomas Farr, of Raleigh

Even a casual look at Farr’s record shows he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the bench. Read more



Photo illustration by Shan Stumpf



Photo courtesy of the N.C. General Assembly